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Background is something which makes anything special. Whether you own a brand, an online store, or do product photography; background removal service has specific purposes for you. Basically, background removal service extracts your main object(s) from the annoying background to replace it with the suitable. It ultimately makes them exclusive. And in a result, it attracts more customers than the usual means a greater business.

E-commerce businessmen deal with hundreds of products as well as photos at a time. The post-processing (e.g. background removal) is time-consuming and tiresome. E-commerce customers prefer product images with a white/suitable background. It makes the photos more focused and subtly detailed. The photos also need to be eye-catchy to generate more customers and sales. E-commerce product photos look more gorgeous and focused on a clean white background. Professional and the best image background removal service provider can execute that task within the quickest turnaround with 100% accuracy.

So, if you are up for your business development, let our expert teams fulfill all your e-commerce image editing needs.

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Image Background Removal Services at Clipping Homes

What is an image background removal service?

Image background removal service is simply the process of removing backgrounds from the images. It is a type of photo manipulation which enhances the image’s quality with special adjustment in its colors, light, shadow, etc. This act helps an image to look realistic, appealing and acceptable to the consumers.

Who need BG remove services & why?

Photographers, manufactures, print media, photo studio owners etc. need image background removal services. It is an essential part of an e-commerce business. Professional studio photographers and amateur photographers shoot hundred and thousands of photos on different occasions for business and commercial purposes.

All these shoots may not be in the right form. Many of them may suffer from a poor background, bad lighting or wrong shadow effects for which a nice image looks unattractive. Background removal service removes any distractions from the images to give them a realistic and grand look.

Manufacturers and e-commerce sites also use this technique to display these products on digital media or on their websites so that online customers can easily view, choose and purchase their products.

How to remove backgrounds from the images?

There are three basic but effective ways to remove the background from the targeted images. Both of them works fine in their relevant areas. Note that they don’t damage the quality of the photos. They don’t damage the gentility of the photos too.

The major three ways of background removal technique are:

Image background removal using clipping path:

There are various methods and kinds of background removal. Background removal by clipping path is one of them. It is very important. It has simple, medium, complex super complex types of different categories of objects like T-shirt, shoes, earring, bracelets, cycle, furniture, etc.

Our experts do it by hands and avoid the usage of any tools as this ensures the best qualities.`

Photo background removal using image masking:

Images with extremely sharp edges are tough to extract from the original frame. Simple clipping path cannot select the borders exquisitely even after the highest expansion. Image masking service can easily assist an image editor to select those hard-to-reach points.

Basically, images of furry dolls, animals, hairy objects, and many more need this sort of background removal service.

Background removal using advanced photoshop:

Sometimes the photos are quite complex and need both the clipping path & image masking services to complete the background removal process. We consider this as an advanced level of image background removal services.

Functionality of professional photo background removal services:

Photographers and e-commerce businessmen use professional image background removal services for the following purposes:

Unwanted image/object removal:

Sometimes the image may have an unwanted background for which the photo may look very dull. For example, a group photo may have in its background an ugly object or undesired person. This element can easily be removed and the background and be edited to give the photo a decent and impressive look as per consumer’s desire and satisfaction.

Change or Re-create a background:

Change of background and recreate it by placing another suitable background may be needed for an image to give it a natural look. Our designers are very skilled in doing this job and can add congenial and artistic beauty to an image.

There may, however, be more different procedures and complexities of image background removal followed by various photo editing company.

How can we help you?

We have a good number of vastly experienced, trained expert graphic designers working in this field for a quite long period with a good reputation. They are, with a creative touch of their hands are capable of giving your images alluring look by effective background removal services.

We serve all whether you are a brand owner or an online retailer. We offer professional background removal service at a reasonable price. Of course, it depends on the complexity of the job. We also offer discounts for bigger projects.

Time-sensitivity is one of our unique sides. We ensure the quickest turnaround time for your convenience.

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