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Bychicle clipping path service

Clipping path is the most used and necessary part when it comes to professional photo editing service. It ensures to exhibit an image in an attractive manner. This service is the keystone among all image editing services and the importance of the service has no limit. Clipping path service is used to remove the unwanted background to add a white or suitable background for presenting images online which helps to catch the eye of the consumers. It also helps to manipulate the background of an image in various contextual settings to create different scenarios.

We use “Pen Tool” in Photoshop to do clipping path or remove the background of an image. The process of the clipping path is done step by step. Our expert designers draw a path manually around the required area by using the pen tool. When the path is drawn by the designers, it creates many anchor points which provide an accurate dimension of the image. The image quality and resolution matter a lot in this case because designers have to zoom in the image 200%-300% to draw the anchor points. Once we draw the path, we use the selecting tool to select the entire object and remove it from the background or delete the background.

Before and after comparison with dumbbell clipping path


Before and after comparison with mobile phone clipping path
Before and after comparison with laptop clipping path
Watch clipping path service
Before and after comparison with shoes clipping path

Image Clipping Path Services at Clipping Homes

What is clipping path?

Clipping path basically is a way of changing or removing the background. To be more specific, clipping path is a vector path or shape that is used in Photoshop or other photo editing software to separate a subject of the image from its background. Removing background is the most common image post-processing service in the image editing industry.

Who needs clipping path services?

People who are related to any photo related occupation or business needs clipping path service. Specially, commercial product photographer, online retailer, photo studio, graphic designer, web developer, an advertising firm, printing company, catalog company and e-commerce business owners require clipping path service on a regular basis. They need this service to promote their business. Clipping path service makes an image look attractive which helps to enhance the growth of a business.

When to Use:

  • Clipping path service is used to present images more prominently.
  • It is used to remove background and make the images look more transparent.
  • To adjust the brightness and contrast of the required area of an image.
  • It helps to select and edit a specific area of an image.

In addition, there is another type of clipping path which is known as multi clipping paths. This method is used to select different areas of the same image to change or correct color or edit more specifically.

When not to use?

When the object of your photo has hair/fur or fuzzy edges and also the object of your photo is transparent. In these cases, we recommend our image masking service.

Before and after comparison with sunglasses clipping path
Before and after comparison with camera clipping path

Clipping path services at Clipping Homes:

We have a great reputation for providing the best clipping path service and also other image editing services. Our designers are highly trained in this job and do it 100% manually to ensure the best possible result. They are vastly experienced in clipping path service and work until the job is perfectly done. We deal with our valuable customers professionally and make sure they leave with a smile every time they take our services. We have a team of 156 designers and 24/7 customer support team who is always keen to help our clients and fulfill their requirements. Last but not the least, we are able to provide our services at the cheapest price in the market and our delivery time is faster than others. We take pride in our quality work and care for our customers the most.

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