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Worried as you are not getting more online buyers for your e-commerce products? Well, you need to optimize your product photos to lure more customers to your site. E-commerce photo editing service can make your product photos stunning to increase overall sales. E-commerce photo editing services also benefit product photographers.

Anyway, e-commerce image editing services include multiple services. Clipping path, masking, background removal, etc. make product photos customer-friendly. In addition, color correction/variants, neck joint, ghost mannequin effect, shadow creation, and product photo retouching increases the credibility of the photos.

However, more e-commerce products mean you’ll need more time to edit. Obviously, it is time-consuming. Continuous uploading of the product photos keep the customers updated. So, you need to do it timely which is only possible when you have a large working force. Well, if you don’t have one then outsourcing is your best option.

Whether you are on a tight budget or deadline, our skilled teams are always ready to deliver you the highest-quality services for your business growth.

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E-commerce Photo Editing Services at Clipping Homes

We have become very dependable on the internet today.

When we look for our necessary products online we select the one which has the best image quality. Here, we only have the option to look at the photos. Therefore, photographers and photo editing services are contributing to e-commerce growth.

An image says a thousand words. So, the image has to be most fascinating for increasing the sale of an e-commerce site. Here, photo editing plays a vital role in e-commerce sites.

An e-commerce site includes a variety of products. Each product has at least one picture for the customers. Therefore, the picture needs to be detailed and edited properly. As e-commerce sites deal with a lot of photos, editing them by themselves is very time-consuming. Hence, they need the help of professional image editing companies to make the images look suitable.

But, don’t worry!

We are here to help you. We understand your need. Moreover, our experienced designers are able to take the authority to provide you the best quality image editing service for your e-commerce site to surely increase your sale.

Important services of image editing for e-commerce sites

Amazon/eBay niche site optimization:

E-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay offer niche website marketing. E-commerce product photo editing services play a vital role in optimizing those websites. To get success in these categories, you need to upload the finest product photos to draw customers’ attention. Background removal service is often used here as those sites prefer images with white backgrounds. In addition, e-commerce product photos need to be well-focused and precise. Furthermore, the color must be vibrant and appropriate. E-commerce photo editing services ensure those criteria and ultimately it brings success.

Clipping Path/Image Masking:

Unwanted background distracts the clients’ attention. It also makes the images look unattractive. Hence, businessmen get fewer sales. Professional e-commerce photo editing services offer clipping path service to make your photos lucrative.

Retouch & Enhancement Service:

Catching customers’ attraction is the motto of an e-commerce site. If a photo is poorly edited it can be destructive for the business. We are able to save you from that and provide the best retouch and enhancement service in the market which will lift up your product sale.

Background Removal:

Without a proper background an image may look dull. It makes them lifeless or meaningless too. Our designers are capable of removing such background or an element from the background and apply a new one to give an image a great look.

Neck Joint/Ghost Mannequin Service:

Neck joint or ghost mannequin has become the most important service for e-commerce sites. This service has also reduced the cost of the companies as they do not have to use real models or mannequins. And, we guarantee you the best ghost mannequin service in the market.

3D/360 View/Magnifier tool:

360 view of an image is really important as customers always like to see a product from every angle. The image must look gorgeous from each and every side too. We also provide this service with great care.

Shadow Effects:

All solid objects have shadows because of light reflection and in photography, shadow effect is very important. It can decrease or increase the quality of a photo. However, it can be balanced & solved. Our skilled designers can make these effects look appealing by editing the photos.

Color Correction/Color Variants:

Color of a product is very important for the customers. Every customer wants to buy a product which has his/her desired color. Therefore, an image with perfect color is a must for the e-commerce sites. We can provide you the best color correction service and boost up your sale.

Importance of e-commerce product photo editing

  • Quality: With a good quality of photos you can outrun your competitors. E-commerce photo editing services ensure the best quality at affordable costs. Customers like good-quality photos. So, always use photos which provide you with the finest quality.
  • Stability: Stability in photographic style is important. Your customers may get distracted if you put different styles in different photos of yours. You need to ensure stability to keep your customers’ attention attached to your site.
  • File Size: Bigger files need a lot of space and it makes your website slow. It is really annoying and customers lose interest when it takes a lot of time to load a page. E-commerce product image editing services can make your images lightweight by applying crop & resizing options.
  • User friendliness: Customers may visit your site from any devices and you should prepare your site accordingly. Most of the customers use mobile devices to visit and order your products. You need to optimize your images accordingly to ensure the best feedback.

E-commerce product photo editing services at Clipping Homes

We are a professional photo editing company and specialize in E-commerce product photo editing services. In addition, our experienced and skilled graphic designers are able to deliver you the finest services within the tightest schedule.

Furthermore, consistency is our pride and we never fail to maintain the consistency of our services even if you have a bulk project. Our highly professional operation team is always ready to communicate with you whenever you feel for it. They also understand even the slightest instruction provided by you yet ensure top quality.

We also offer discounts if you have a tight budget with bigger projects. You can pay us even in installments if you have financial problems on special occasions. Furthermore, our e-commerce product photo editing services also offer ‘redo’ option until you find them suitable for you.

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